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The Walking Dead 11th season has been a rollercoaster of emotions for fans, with the show introducing new characters, revisiting old ones, and continuing the post-apocalyptic journey of the main group of survivors. The 18th episode, titled "Find Me," is no different, as it delves deeper into the past of a fan-favorite character and reveals some shocking secrets.

The episode begins with a flashback to before the outbreak, showing a young Rick Grimes as a police officer and his wife, Lori, as they prepare for the birth of their child. However, things take a turn when Rick is shot and falls into a coma, leading Lori to believe he is dead and move on with her life.

In the present day, we see Rick living in a secluded cabin in the woods, struggling with his own demons and haunted by memories of his past. He is visited by a young woman named Isabelle, who is searching for her own family and believes Rick may be able to help her.

As Rick and Isabelle journey together, they encounter a group of survivors who have formed their own community in the woods. The group is led by a man named Mercer, who has a personal vendetta against Rick and his group. Mercer believes that Rick and his friends are responsible for the death of his wife and daughter, and he won't stop until he gets his revenge.

The episode ends with a confrontation between Rick and Mercer, as Rick is forced to confront his past and the mistakes he made. In the end, Rick is able to come to terms with his own guilt and find a sense of peace, knowing that he has done everything he can to protect the people he loves.

Overall, "Find Me" is a powerful and emotional episode that delves into the complex character of Rick Grimes and his journey through the post-apocalyptic world. It also sets up an interesting conflict for the remainder of the season, as Rick and his group must confront Mercer and his followers in order to survive.

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